World’s No. 1 Spirit is coming to Indonesia. Jinro Is Back is a famous premium traditional soju brand from Korea that is well-know in some K-Drama these days. Trying to penetrate into Indonesian market, Jinro Is Back in need of Brand Awareness and Presences in social media.


PT. Pantja Artha Niaga


April 2022 - PRESENT



The Challenge

Jinro Is Back is a premium imported soju brand from Korea that is trying to penetrate the Indonesian market. Although it is well-known in Korea, it has not gained much popularity in Indonesia yet.

To increase brand awareness and reach potential customers, Jinro Is Back needs to leverage social media platforms. With the increasing interest in Korean dramas among Indonesian audiences, the brand is aiming to grab the attention of Korean Drama / Korean Pop fans and showcase its superior quality compared to local soju products.

By effectively utilizing social media, Jinro Is Back can create a

buzz and generate interest among the Indonesian market, ultimately increasing its sales and market share in the country.

How we do it?

We came out with a campaign idea of #JinroGotYourBack as the main message to relate with the audiences. The idea of #JinroGotYourBack is that we are trying to make Kkeobi, the frog mascott of Jinro Is Back, as a friend in need for the audiences to listen to their story of life, to lift them up when they are down, to inspire them when they are lost, to cheer them up when they are sad. Just like the Korean Tradition Hoesik (회식), to have a drink and chat together after work to strengthen relationship, @jinroisbackindonesia social media platform become the place where they engage together with the commonality to like soju and all the Korean stuffs.

Engaging Korean related content

We create an Editorial that related to Korean content but trending in Indonesia to have more engagement with the audiences. With the help of growing Korean Drama / Korean Pop trending in Indonesia, we are able to create a series of content that could educate, useful and inspire audiences to have interest with Korean stuffs and even to learn more about the product.

Rewarding Audiences Through Activities

One of the best trait to drink alcoholic drinks is the sense of relaxing and rewarding. This is also the value that we want to convey with our simple activities that is not just for the purpose of rewarding / giving away some gifts to the followers but also educate more about the product.

Utilizing Kkeobi as part of the visual as much as possible

With the help of the famous Kkeobi in the world, we maximize the usage of the mascott to introduce about Jinro Is Back. Combined with the presences of asian models to further reflect the seriousness, real and mature content but also fun and rewarding in some ways.

Utilizing trending KOL to help maximizing the brand awareness

To boost even further for Jinro Is Back awareness, we collaborate with some of the famous and trending KOL in Indonesia
that are favored with Indonesian market. We provide the brief, ideas and guideline for the KOL to create an inline
message with our main campaign message and also to promote the activities we are currently doing in social media.

From Zero to Hero

With hardwork and collaboration with clients and KOL, we had achieved a growing numbers of traction from
followers, engagement and impression that equals to brand awareness and presences in social media.

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